Mission and goal

Social development at the heart of the TDS

Social Development Table of LaSalle is a non-profit organization legally constituted since June 2008. The mission of this organization is to bring together the social, cultural and economic actors of the LaSalle community with the objective of social development. Asintersectoral concertation table and multi-network, beyond the formal democratic mechanisms, it puts in place various means to challenge, consult and mobilize the actors and citizens of the laSalle community.  

Improving the quality of life of LaSalle residents

The TDS aims to, l’The improvement of the quality and conditions of life of the population in various areas of social and community life including :

  • health
  • l’urban planning,
  • l’environment,
  • l’education,
  • l’economy,
  • l’housing,
  • transport,
  • food security,
  • culture,
  • sports and leisure activities.

Concerned about their well-being as well, the TDSL proceeds with several actions that constitute permanent development levers in the community.

TDS goals

Implementing initiatives through concertation

The mobilization of local actors and the convergence of actions

Mobilization for citizen participation

Influencing directions and policies from a social development perspective

"The TDS brings together organizations
around a single goal:
Outreach and development
of LaSalle! "

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